Naughty Schoolgirl Made To Drop Her Knickers In Detention For Thrashing From Strict Headmaster’s Cane

Being kept back in detention leads to a bare bottom spanking, slippering and caning for naughty schoolgirl Hannah.

Naughty schoolgirl's skirt is hitched up for a slippering from strict Headmaster

Caned By Headmaster

It is always a pleasure seeing a strict Headmaster using his full array of implements on a naughty schoolgirl like Hannah. A girl like her is never likely to respond to just a mild telling off or a few hard hard spanks, so Sir is forced to reach for his slipper and then to follow up with several merciless strokes of the cane. He punishes the girl with her skirt hitched on high and her regulation knickers tugged just below her cheeks. The girl’s face crumples from the stinging, ringing pain, as she discovers the true essence of strict British discipline.

Naughty Schoolgirl Drops Her Knickers In Detention For Discipline From Headmaster's Cane

Caning in School Uniform

This British spanking movie from Spanking Online is clearly made by people who know the ins and out of corporal punishment. The authentic Headmaster’s study and realistic uniforms set the scene quite perfectly; and Hannah’s facial beauty and delicious-looking bottom only add to the thrill of the punishment that follows. And of course it’s the action – the spanks, slaps and thwacks – that make this schoolgirl spanking movie something truly special. The headmaster dishes out a true ‘no nonsense’ punishment, unconcerned by the glowing redness his cane produces in the young girl’s cheeks.

To see more of Hannah’s bottom turning all red and sore, visit the preview pages of Spanking Online. There are more free pictures and even free video clips, as well as the chance to sign up for a monthly, half-yearly or annual membership. Full members get access to a whole host of arousing spanking and corporal punishment movies, so if you fancy watching lots of naughty girls like Hannah getting spanked, this could be the perfect website for you.

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Busty Brunette Gets Pulled Across Strict Dom’s Lap For Bare Bottom Spanking She’ll Never Forget

Going over the knee leaves Jasmine’s buttocks extremely red and sore.

Buxom Brunette Gets Pulled Across Dom's Lap For Bare Bottom Spanking She'll Never Forget

UK Domestic Discipline

Spanking Online has always been one of my favourite British spanking movie websites. It features some incredibly sexy women, like the stunning, big-titted brunette in this domestic discipline film; and more importantly, some high-quality scenes of strict discipline. I particularly like the simplicity of this latest film in which a naked woman receives a hard hand spanking from a dominant male. There’s no messing about or even any clothing to get in the way of the action – it’s just a very sexy bottom bending over for some punishment, then quickly turning a nice shade of pink.

Dominant male's forceful spanking hand turns girl's bare buttocks a sexy shade of pink

British Spanking Films

Much as I can appreciate a film with lots of build up, I much prefer a spanking movie that focuses most of its attention on the act of correction. I like to see the top’s spanking hand pumping back and forth and to see the girl’s arse cheeks quivering from the force of each stike. And of course I love to see a pair of feminine buttocks getting all red and sore from the flurry of smacks. And also to hear the girl begging for mercy, as her cheeks get hotter and hotter and hotter.

And if you like spanking films like that, then click through now for more free preview pictures at Spanking Online. Of course, most of the best stuff on the website is kept for members only, so think about signing up for full membership. You can take out a month’s trial for under $30, which gives you unlimited access to tons of video showing naughty girls with their knickers down. And all these films are made and star people with a genuine interest in spanking and CP. That’s something that comes across in each movie; and that’s why they’re so much fun.


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Stunning Lipstick Lesbian Blondes Strip Down To Lingerie For A Spanking And Tawsing Session

This beautiful topless blonde lesbian can’t resist her girlfriend’s spankable arse cheeks!

Stunning blonde beauties strip to lingerie for lesbian spanking and strapping session

Lesbian Spanking Films

If you like spanking films that are shamelessly erotic, then look no further than this new film from Titled ‘A Big Tits Spanking’, this alarmingly sexy movie features two amazingly sensual lipstick lesbians with a penchant for spanking and corporal punishment. First they doll themselves up in erotic lingerie, then one blonde pushes her arse cheeks in the air. She’s a submissive slut and she needs a good spanking, which her beautiful busty girlfriend is only too happen to administer.

Topless blonde lesbian uses leather tawse on buttocks of her sexy blonde lover

Spanked Arse Cheeks

The real joy of this lesbian spanking film comes from the mixture of the sensual beauty of the woman and the force of the corporal punishment. The topless blonde dishes out a serious spanking with her hand, then moves onto a heavy leather tawse, lashing the implement back and forth into the pert, rounded buttocks of her sexy sub. And it turns them both on, as witnessed by the dominant blonde spanker slipping her hand inside her own knickers. Yes, she enjoys the spanking and tawsing so much that she fingers herself while doing it.

Sometimes spanking doesn’t need sex – just the scenario and the discipline itself are enough. But what a joy to discover such a brazen display of lipstick lesbian spanking – one that isn’t afraid to turn the viewer on. I defy any CP lover not to feel arousal on watching this exquisite film, so click through now for more preview images or sign straight up to and watch this incredible lesbian spanking film.

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Sexy Blonde Imogen Has Her Panties Tugged Down For A Bare Bottom Caning From Spanking Sarah

Not all young ladies can handle a thrashing with the cane, but Imogen manages three in one session.

Sexy Blonde Imogen Has Her Panties Pulled Down For A Bare Bottom Caning From Spanking Sarah

British Corporal Punishment

Nothing stings like 6 of the best from the cane, so not all spankees can handle this most harsh of implements. But sub slut Imogen has incredible levels of tolerance and agrees to receive lashes from 3 different canes in this arousing new corporal punishment film from Spanking Sarah. What’s more, Spanking Sarah does not hold back, delivering every strike with genuine force. So it’s little wonder that Imogen’s buttocks are soon decorated with a few pleasing stripes amidst the glowing red soreness.

Strict Caning From Mistress

Imogen might look cute and sweet, might look like butter wouldn’t melt in her dear little mouth, but she’s definitely no pushover when it comes to corporal punishment. The cheeky, little minx keeps pushing out her bottom, as if desperate for more hard strikes, and Spanking Sarah is more than happy to deliver them. Those of a weaker disposition might even need to avert their eyes at some point. This is serious British discipline from a serious British Mistress – and an incredibly brave and submissive spankee.

‘The Cane For Imogen’ is just one of the many videos available at this leading British spanking and corporal punishment website. More free preview pictures are available by clicking through now to Spanking Sarah; and if the pictures are enough to whet your appetite, then why not sign up to get full access to over 200 films and picture sets? We’re talking lots of bad girls, lots of dropped knickers, lots of very hard spankings and loads of sore bums!

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Useless Male Butler Gets His Bare Buttocks Thrashed By Strict Lady Of The Manor

It’s not always naughty girls who have to drop their undies for a spanking – sometimes grown men need punishment, too!

Useless Male Butler Gets His Buttocks Thrashed By Strict Lady Of The Manor

Women Spanking Men

While nothing beats watching a beautiful lady dropping her frilly knickers for a spanking or caning, I must confess to a penchant for watching gentlemen get their comeuppance, too. Switching is an important part of spanking role-play, as it allows us to experience corporal punishment from both sub and domme angles; so I was delighted to find the spanking films at UK fem-dom website English Mansion. Since this is a website where superior women rule the roost, it contains many videos in which it’s the men who are forced to drop their undies for a gloriously hot bottom. And since the women in the movies tend to be genuine UK dommes, they don’t hold back when it comes to spanking.

UK Corporal Punishment

My favourite movie at English Mansion shows strict CP disciplinarian Lady Nina Birch thrashing the living daylights out of her butler. And who wouldn’t enjoy a movie called ‘Tax Rebate’ in which a gentleman from the Inland Revenue gets a good, hard lesson with the aid of a heavy wooden spanking paddle? Both these films feature stunning looking women who take a ‘no nonsense’ approach to punishing men. We’re talking bare bottom spankings and paddlings delivered with an amazing degree of force.

For lovers of domestic discipline, there is also a section at English Mansion devoted to strict, dominant wives. And for those who are into the kinkier realms of BDSM, there is whipping, flogging, trampling, cross-dressing, uniform play and lots of naughty male French maids. I have been a member for several months now and always check in when I’m in the mood to see women take control. It’s well worth the value-for-money monthly fee to see those men getting punished by such strict, dominant ladies.

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Belle’s Slutty Knickers Get Yanked Right Down For A Vicious Hand Spanking And Paddling From Sarah

Faking illness to get out of school proves to be Belle’s big mistake, as Sarah seeks retribution with first her bare hand and then a leather spanking paddle.

Belle's Slutty Knickers Get Yanked Right Down For A Vicious Hand Spanking From Sarah

Women Spanking Girls

Belle was the type of naughty schoolgirl who thought she could get away with anything. It never crossed her mind that Spanking Sarah would overhear her confessing that she’d bunked off school, but it’s hard to pull the wool over Sarah’s eyes – and that’s why Belle’s bum is now bright red. Disgusted by the young girl’s bratty attitude, Sarah pulled the naughty young lady straight over her knee. Then she spanked the bad girl’s arse through her shorts, before pulling them down to reveal a very slutty pair of knickers.

UK Spanking Films

Even more angry now, Sarah yanked down Belle’s white knickers and gave her arse cheeks a thorough spanking. But it still wasn’t enough to teach this naughty adult schoolgirl a lesson, so Sarah then reached for a leather spanking paddle and really went to town with that. It didn’t even matter how loudly Belle screamed, or how much agony she was going through. Because Belle was a bad girl who needed to learn about right or wrong. And the only way to teach her was in the form of strict British discipline.

Lovers of serious British spanking and paddling can click through for more free pictures of Belle’s painful punishment, which is the latest movie on leading UK spank website, Spanking Sarah. This regularly-updated CP paysite features over 200 adult discipline films shot here in the UK using high quality techniques. Lots of time and money goes into making these films, so think about signing up for membership to help fund more. Otherwise bad girls like Belle could easily go unpunished – and we wouldn’t want that to happen, now would we?

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Naughty English Girl Sarah Has Her Skirt Hitched Up For A Spanking And Strapping

One of the sexiest bottoms in Britain is about to get a damn, good thrashing from Sir!

Naughty Girl Sarah Has Her Skirt Hitched Up For A Spanking And Strapping

British OTK Spanking

I’ve always been a firm believer that the prettier the bottom is the more fun it is to spank it. So watching Sarah Collins going over Sir’s knees, then her skirt getting tugged up and ker knickers pulled down, makes for a particularly pleasing sight. What’s even better is that Sarah is a very naughty, mischevious lady who is badly in need of some serious punishment. And she gets it in this terrifically arousing British spanking film, first from Sir’s very forceful bare hand and then with the aid of a two-tailed tawse.

UK Corporal Punishment

Watching British sub spankee Sarah Collins get a leathering from her boyfriend put all manner of thoughts into my already rather dirty mind. I kept imagining being in her boyfriend’s place and pulling down Sarahs’ knickers, then delivering those first few warm up blows. Then I’d stare down at those perfect cheeks as my firmer blows made them glow bright red. And then I’d feel the dominant thrill as I took out my two-tailed tawse and thwacked her from here to kingdom come. Oh, what a joy to punish such a gorgeous rear-end!

To see more of this beautiful sub spankee getting punished, then click through to the free preview pages at UK spanking and discipline website, This members only website contains some of the finest spanking movies ever made, with lots of nubile but very naughty young lovelies being made to touch their toes and go over Sir’s knee. And all for less than £20 per month…

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Sexy Blonde Imogen Gets A Bare Bottom Paddling From Spanking Sarah

See what happens when new girl Imogen gets her first ever taste of serious discipline!

Gorgeous Blonde Imogen Gets A Bare Bottom Paddling From Spanking Sarah

British Spanking

I have only ever been spanked by men, but I often fantasise about bending over and dropping my knickers for a powerful woman. I always wonder if a woman would be more gentle than a man, or would it be the opposite – maybe she’d be harsher and stricter, especially if she knew she was punishing a younger, sexier and prettier girl like me. And that’s why I was so fascinated by this new movie from top British spanking porn website Spanking Sarah. It shows mature strict Sarah punishing young sexy Imogen – and the young girl sure does get a good thrashing.

All-girl Spanking

But what’s really exciting about this new British spanking film is Spanking Sarah’s use of the strap and the paddle. She is a real expert in administering blows with these serious-looking implements; and it’s clear from Imogen’s howls of pain that this is a genuine punishment being captured on film. I even slid my hand inside my knickers and gave myself a good frigging as I got off on the sight of the young girl screaming and watching her sexy bum turn bright red. This is proper British discipline – strict, sensuous and very horny!

Perhaps one day I’ll be courageous enough to appear in one of these movies with Spanking Sarah. I’d love to experience what Imogen does; and what all the other lucky sub spankees experience at the hands of the awesome Spanking Sarah. Her website features all my favourite elements of strict British discipline, including over-the-knee, uniform play, hand spanking, paddling and even caning. And it gets updated much more regularly than all the other websites I’ve joined – and I can never wait to find out what lucky sub slut she’ll be punishing next.

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Dirty Slut In Bright Blue Knickers Gets Thwacked And Punished By Strict Doctor Sarah

Come and watch as naughty Charlie has her bright blue knickers yanked down for a thrashing.

Dirty Slut In Bright Blue Knickers Gets Thrashed And Punished By Strict Doctor Sarah

UK Spanking Scene

I love watching a woman bend over and have her knickers tugged down for a spanking or paddling. I just love watching as she pushes her bum into the air, then seeing the pained look in her eyes as the hand or flogger whacks into her bare cheeks. I also love hearing the noises she makes and seeing her squeal in fear and pain. Yes, I love it when a bad girl gets taught a harsh lesson, why is why I love Spanking Sarah so much. 

Women Spanking Women

British spanking and discipline expert, Spanking Sarah produces what I consider to be the finest UK CP and spanking films ever made. She is always spanking beautiful girls, like the dirty slut Charlie in this latest movie, and she always gives them like the kind of hard punishment that they are never ever likely to forget. She is a serious woman who believes in serious punishment – proper ‘knickers down, touch your toes and stick that bottom in the air’ kind of stuff.

But what’s even better about these British spanking films is that they always have neat storylines with a beginning, middle and end. So you always know why the bad girl is being punished – and you always know her punishment is thoroughly deserved. And if you don’t believe me, then click through to see more preview pictures of Spanking Sarah disciplining Charlie with a flogger. It’ll prove to you that this woman means business – and that she’s the best British spanker for miles around.

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Sexy Russian Au Pair Gets A ‘Knickers Down’ OTK Spanking From Strict British Disciplinarian

What with her constant drinking, smoking and messing around with guys, this slutty Russian au pair needs a damn, good spanking.

Sexy Russian Au Pair Gets A Knickers Down OTK Spanking From Strict British Female

British OTK Spanking

Watching a young girl having her bare bottom spanked is always so much nicer when the spankee is a sexy, little thing. And that’s why the sight of Russian au pair Mia getting her comeuppance from strict British disciplinarian Spanking Sarah is such a delightful experience. Spanking Sarah pulls the naughty au pair across her lap, then hitches up her skirt and spanks her behind. Then she yanks the bad girl’s knickers down and gives her a good, hard thrashing with a leather strap.

Women Spanking Women

I loved watching Mia learning a painful lesson at the hands of ‘no nonsense’ Spanking Sarah. The film has a nifty, little storyline and some highly realistic corporal punishment scenes, plus the aforementioned added bonus of seeing the deliciously sexy Mia bending over in just her hold up stockings – that’s once her knickers have been yanked down. And of course, with ker knickers down, it means you get to see the bad girl’s beautiful buttocks turning red and sore. Ah, such wonderful British discipline!

To view more of Mia’s painful OTK punishment, click through to watch free video clips at Spanking Sarah’s CP website. Or why  not sign up for full membership and get access to access to enough spanking material to keep yourself happy for a long, long time? If you like bums being spanked and tawsed and cane, then you can’t do much better than this brilliant site.

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